Top Locking Large Concealment Shelf

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The 1242 Top Locking Shelf is our largest and most popular of our surface-mounted concealment solutions. It has a foam-lined secret compartment that is 12″D x 42″W. 

  •  Black Finish Top and Bottom 
  • Installation is as easy as hanging any common shelf (see video). To access the secret compartment, simply disengage the hidden locks with the supplied keys at the (2) locations on top of the shelf. The bottom half of the shelf is smoothly lowered with the assistance of a pneumatic strut. Optional L.E.D. lights illuminate using a motion sensor.
  • The medium-density polyurethane foam insert is easily customized to fit your needs. Simply cut the required shapes out of the foam, peel the self-adhesive backing, and attach it to the compartment bottom. The foam securely holds everything in place. The included foam is shipped blank.
  • Our 1242 is handcrafted in the United States, right here in our Shenandoah, Virginia, facility using furniture grade 9-ply birch plywood as well as other solid hardwoods (absolutely NO fiberboard, ABS, or other cheap wood, common in manufacturing, is used to make our products).
  • Your shelf will arrive fully assembled and ready to install. Our shelves are designed for use with standard 2″ x 4″ stud framing. Each shelf is supplied with two shelf brackets that are to be installed on the top of the shelf for added support, also acting as bookends.

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